Hossam Al Halabi

Graphic & Web designer

Hossam Al Halabi

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Hossam Al Halabi

Graphic & Web designer

I am a specialized in web design and graphic design field. I grew up with the internet, chatting online, reading websites and playing with new technologies. I have experience and knowledge of current graphic design technology and computer software packages, including the Adobe CC Suite (In Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects) and medium experience with some 3D software (Alias Maya, Poser, Bryce, Xara 3D) and various of content management systems (WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Opencart), and Strong office computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and problem-solving skills. The computer was my first passion, and much of my skills have been self-taught. I have provided Design services for a whole range of companies and have the expertise to get the job done and managing projects from start to completion. My services including logo design, banner ads design, post card design, business card design, book/magazine cover design, generate and manipulate graphic images, animation, sound, text and video into multimedia programs plus Animation and video editing, package & label design, web page design, intro design, image restoration services and more.


Full name

Hossam Al Halabi


Betty Nansens Alle 51, 2000 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen


25 Jul 1986 – Damascus, Syria




31 10 19 03


Arabic: Native – English: Very good – Danish: Little 



Maersk Line

Online Marketing Coordinator - Dec 2016 - Present | Denmark

Firebrand Training

Graphic Designer / Webmaster - May 2016 - Nov 2016 | Denmark

The main tasks is to re-brand all the designs of this company’s identity, starting from mousepad and promotional materials like pens and cups to large posters, banners and signs, including photography.


Webmaster (Volunteer job) - 22 Jan 2016 - Present | Denmark

As I belive the importance of volunteer work to help others and to improve the quality of life, I gladly work with a team of four volunteers to achieve this goal, my task is to develop the website using WordPress CMS, where I’m working on improving the performance of the website and managing content and improve the appearance of the website in search engines results.


Web Designer (internship program) - 18 Aug 2015 - 12 Feb 2016 | Denmark

That was the first time that I work in a Danish company, I have am enjoyed my internship period by designing web layouts and some other graphic projects like logos and post cards design.


Senior Graphic Designer, Commercial Photographer - 2012 - 2014 | Saudia Arabia

I was responsible of design advertising campaigns for the company, including weekly and advertising campaigns that periodically published in magazines and newspapers, and I was also responsible of design and coordinate advertising publications, brochures and posters. I also was responsible of commercial photography for products in the company.


Webmaster - 2012 | MONTREAL, CANADA

Website management, hosting, domain registration, working on WordPress, SEO, photo restoration.


Graphic & Web Designer - 2008 - 2010 | Damascus, Syria

Poster design, web layout design, banner design, newspaper banners design, package design, logo design, flash animation design.


Web Designer - 2006 - 2008 | Damascus, Syria

Icon Editor, flash banner design, cleaning photos, design brochures, prepares proposals on PowerPoint for the company.


Sales and marketing - 2004 - 2006 | Damascus, Syria

Sales and customer support, I had also practices in the maintenance department.


Graphic Designer - 2003 - 2004 | Damascus, Syria

Edit photos, design brochures, prepares proposals on PowerPoint for the company. Taking care of the computers as formatting etc.


Design Proficiency

  • 99% Complete
    Graphic Design 99%
  • 98% Complete
    Web Design 98%
  • 91% Complete
    Flash Animation 91%

Adobe Software Experience

  • 99% Complete
    Adobe Photoshop 99%
  • 90% Complete
    Adobe Illustrator 90%
  • 50% Complete
    Adobe In Design 50%
  • 77% Complete
    Adobe Flash 77%
  • 67% Complete
    Adobe After Effects 67%


  • 36% Complete
    HTML 36%
  • 2% Complete
    PHP 2%
  • 43% Complete
    CSS 43%
  • 20% Complete
    ActionScript 2 20%
  • 4% Complete
    Visual Basic 4%

Content Management Systems

  • 95% Complete
    Wordpress 95%
  • 79% Complete
    Drupal 79%
  • 87% Complete
    Joomla! 87%
  • 91% Complete
    Opencart 91%

Other Software Skills

  • 66% Complete
    Autodesk Maya 66%
  • 48% Complete
    Poser Pro 48%
  • 85% Complete
    Video Studio 85%
  • 70% Complete
    Swish Max 70%
  • 36% Complete
    Blender 3D 36%

My Interests


I love photography. Yes, I love it since I was in 17 years old, I was carry the camera with me wherever I go, it was my closer friend from long time. I like it to catch the moment and create an image from reality, disassemble and reassemble the reality in the frame space. This is a challenge – and the fun, of creating a photograph; this is what I do to express myself through it.


I spend most of my time reading, testing, and learning new skills about web technology, computers, operating systems and applications. 

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Betty Nansens Alle 51, 2000 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen





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